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Monday, June 08, 2015

Understanding the Real Reason for America's 'Civil War'

In the aftermath of Lincoln’s concocted Civil War, the Original Federal Republic created by our Founding Fathers ceased to exist.

Designed and Intended to be Limited & Subservient to the Sovereign States of the Republic, it was Transformed into the Central-National government & behemoth it has become through various Acts of Legislation that supported its new & nefarious basis.

This was that War’s Real Purpose- ALTERATION of the Original Republic in order for the Dis-Placement of our former Sovereign States, that protected and served the General Welfare of their Independent Peoples, allowing for the eventual Extortion of our Money to be realized from which the Disciples of Power & Greed would benefit.

Over the next 150 years, these various Legislative Acts, supported by those ‘Amendments’ that were added to the Constitution AFTER Lincoln’s War concluded, served as the bridgework for the Alteration of America.

The very FIRST of these Amendments, which did NOT by the way have the approval of the required 2/3 of the States for ratification, was ‘Those Peoples’ 14th Amendment.

The 14th was the ‘Foundational Marquee’ for ALL things moving forward as it was the ‘Initial Building Block’ that allowed for the Political RECONSTRUCTION of the Republic through their Acts of RECONSTRUCTION contained within it.

Mr. Mike Scruggs’ 4-part series speaks to this in detail and can be viewed on The Confederate Society’s website (to be posted shortly) at

In the years and decades following, and as a result of the continued and ever advancing/evolving RECONSTRUCTION, America was transformed into the Socialist country it has indeed become.

Each ensuing Generation became further removed from their Origin thanks to the RECONSTRUCTIVE HISTORY being spewed by the Marxist Professors who have steadily advanced their position through a controlled National Education Department.

As a result, Most Americans do NOT even understand the basic difference between a Republic and a Democracy.

Most, thanks to the proliferation of the Political Hegemony of those in charge of US today, would believe they are one of the same.

Nothing could be any further from the TRUTH.

To further underscore this TRUTH, MOST Americans are NOT remotely aware that the word DEMOCRACY does NOT appear a SINGLE TIME in either the Declaration of Independence nor the U.S. Constitution.

Omission of ‘Error’ by the Founding Fathers?

NO- Omission by Intention!

Thus the Political RECONSTRUCTION of America became the FIRST LEG OF RECONSTRUCTION.

What was to follow was its TWO Supportive Legs necessary to fulfill the Vision of Lincoln’s Marxist’s:

Ø  The Economic Leg (1913 & the Federal Reserve ‘System’),  followed by the Cultural Leg- the 1960’s in which the Civil Rights Movement was used to cloak & advance the ENTITLEMENT STATE under the guise of Humanitarianism that served LBJ’s ‘Great American Society (Socialist) Agenda that was further supported by Those Peoples’  REVISED IMMIGRATION ACT of 1965 that UNLEASHED IT ALL!

Today, the Legitimate Black Leaders are finally coming to terms with what has been done to them as evidenced by the conditions that NOW EXIST, as a result of what was done in the 60’s, within most inner-cities today.

The Politburo on the Potomac has played whites off against blacks with regularity and what is sad, is that Those People have been largely successful in their endeavors.

Most of today’s so-called Federal government Departments of Entitlement were ALL CREATED back in the 1960’s but the ‘Shiny Object in the room’ was once again blurred from being realized thanks again to another War that should have never been fought- VietNam.

And by the time that War ended in 1975, a tired American Electorate was in the full throes of what is now known as Political Correctness.

‘Connect the Dots’ folks and it ALL COMES TOGETHER!

What most cannot fathom nor accept is that this ALL was planned by the Beast of the 19th Century that has given birth to its many ‘Heirs’ hence in the ensuing decades as noted.

Ask yourself this:  Who stood to BENEFIT the most from that concocted War they still call ‘Civil’- the Sovereign States that wanted for NOTHING or…..the CENTRAL government that wanted EVERYTHING?

Y’all don’t need to be a rocket scientist or a phi beta kappa to figure that out.

All y’all ever needed was GOD’S Common Sense to understand that is has never been ‘Rain coming down from Those People on the Potomac but…..a Cascade of Urine whose stench can NO longer be ignored!’

Understand YOUR History and YOU will understand the LIES that have existed and been advanced that have allowed for the Usurpation of this Republic by a 2-Party Duopoly whose only intentions was to grow their Babylon on the Potomac bigger and larger at everyone’s expense…. using the same Divide & Conquer technique that has been used the world over for the last several thousand years.

Respectfully & Confederately,

Craig Maus, President, The Confederate Society of America

Deo Vindice!


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