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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

What Did They Abolish?

Many historians tell us the abolitionists are credited with the abolishment of slavery.  That is the tip of the iceberg.  They also abolished the original intent of the Constitution of the United States, they abolished States Rights, they abolished the Republican form of government, they altered citizenship from State citizenship to National citizenship.  In effect they abolished the “Republican Form of government and replaced it with a Democracy.
Their vendetta of hate against the Southern states forever abolished the foundation of our Republic.  Senator Wade of Ohio, June 25,1862, stated, “I would reduce the (South) to utter poverty… We shall never have peace until we take their (the South) influence away.”  The Hon. G.. W. Julian, of Indiana, Jan. 13 1862, added “Let us convert (the South) into a conquered Provence, and govern them as such is our discretion.  Finally, Wendell Phillips stated, “History shows no precedent of getting rid of an aristocracy like (the South) except by the death of the generation.”
The object of Northern Hate was to destroy the Constitution!  Mr. Garrison in a speech, 1856, declared, “The Union is a lie…a covenant with death and an agreement with Hell.”   Wendell Phillips proclaimed, “The Constitution of our fathers was a mistake! Tear it in pieces and make a better.  I have shown you that our work cannot be done under our Constitution.”
The foundation stone for this evil scheme is the “14th Amendment”, an amendment that was never legally adopted under article five of the constitution.  Under it the provisions of the 9th and 10th amendments were effectively negated. States Rights were abolished and brought under the control of the Federal government.  Voting rights were no longer a State function, but were under the authority of the Federal government. The Republican Form of government was replaced with a theoretical Democracy.  Education, local business, housing, contracts and Religion were taken form the states and deposited in Federal control.
It is interesting to not, the Southern states acceded to union (not joined) in the formative period and in 1860-61 they exercised the right to secede  based on the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  When  the Congressional radicals acted to prevent Southern Congressmen their rightful seats in congress, 1867, and declared the South was a Conquered Provence, which considered the South to be outside the Union. Remember, the war was fought to preserve the Union, it was not until 1963 that the North fought for emancipation. At this point the South proved the political question of “does a State have the right to secede?” The South won the political objective of the War for Southern Independence, or as the conquers called the Civil War.
The 1950’s and 1960’s brought about what is called “”Reconstruction #2”.  The hatred of the South furthered the destruction of our Constitutional government.  The Supreme Court completed the demolition of the states during the Wilson administration and the passage of the 16th and 17th Amendments, giving States Rights over to the Federal government.
Then in the 1950’s The Warren Court disavowed the Constitution in favor of social engineering, overturning established cases, The Slaughter House case, Plessy V Fugerson, Gong Lum.  These decisions of previous courts upheld States Rights and individual liberties.
May 17, 1954 brought the Warren Courts Brown Case.  This decree by the court was heavily influenced by Gunner Myrdel’s work, An American Dilemma.  In chapter one of this work Myrdel wrote of the “fetish cult of the Constitution.”  He went on to say, “The 150 year old Constitution is in many respects impractical and ill-suited for modern conditions.” He also stated, “The worship of the Constitution also is a most flagrant violation of the American Creed.”  and to conclude, “The Constitution was nearly a plot against the common people.  This is the base on which Constitutional law was changed.  The work by Myrdel was mostly based on writings of authors who were identified as being communist or sympathizers.
Menial minded professors have taught three generations of American students that Mr. Hamilton’s idea of rule by the “best men” is demolished by political correctness and teachings of equality.  These professors teach the change of a Republican Form of government to a democracy.  They ignore the wisdom of our Founding Fathers that you must govern under form not theory. Thus you have a government of men, not laws.
This topic is well worth your study and attention.

Jim Ikerman
Acworth Georgia


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