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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: Magnificent Monument - Shreveport, Louisiana

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Magnificent Monument - Shreveport, Louisiana

This photo was made back in the days before, without a murmur, the Confederate ladies let the brainwashed and the Marxist- enemies take down the Confederate flag.  The Confederate flag waved last over a Confederate capital in  Shreveport in 1865.—Shreveport was the site of the  last state capital to fly the flag.  That’s history!  

One can only wonder just how many Confederate ladies pay dual devotion to the Daughters of the Union groups?  How many are presidents for both the Union and the Confederacy groups and thus are incapable of being loyal to the South?  Dual citizenship - can never mean equality of loyalty.  Anyone saying so—lies.  If anything people should be required to make their choice—  One cannot be both for God AND for the Devil!  What idjits think this possible?  What kind of people are busily forcing the alteration of an ancient Southern organization into a mere genealogy group?

The longer this hate the South movement continues the more it makes me despise the enemies of truth.  Deo Vindice?

Please God, let me aid you in delivering vengeance on all of the hideous haters of the South— on the  liars, the  thieves, and other crazed, evil Yankee-Marxist- monsters.
Joan Hough


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