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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Two Types Northern People

There are 2 types of people who live North of the Mason-Dixon Line. Decent honorable Northern people and Yankees. Some of the best Southern supporters are people raised in the North who have learned the truth and facts about the radical, fanatical, zealot criminal element in the North and the hideous atrocities they committed against the South. Yes I have a suspicion of all Northerners until I figure out which group they are in.
Lincoln and his radicals, fanatics, and criminals imprisoned about 200,000 Northern citizens simply for expressing opposition to his criminal unconstitutional war--38,000 for the duration of the war with no trial or legal rights. He imprisoned Francis Key Howard ( grandson of Francis Scott Key who wrote the song Star Spangled Banner) for 14 months just because he wrote a newspaper editorial in opposition to Lincoln's war. He was a newspaper editor. Lincoln had federal troops to burn and shut down about 300 Northern newspapers because they wrote pro-Southern editorials. Howard wrote a book about his imprisonment--The American Bastille.
Perhaps you do not truly understand just how many evil atrocities were committed against Southerners during the war and during reconstruction which was harder on Southerners than the war itself. Reconstruction was the plunder pillage, and economic rape of the Southern States.
Lincoln, Sherman, Sheridan, and a host of other Yankees are War Criminals. Burning, pillaging, theft, plunder, arson, rape, and murder. During Reconstruction the Yankee carpetbaggers operated Uncle Sam's terrorist organization the Union League. They had 300000 members-former black slaves. They gave out matches and had them burn Southerner's houses barns, poison wells, shoot livestock rape, murder. This caused the rise of the KKK. If there had not been a Union League there would have never been a KKK--a police and resistance organization.
It took 1/2 of the Union army to prevent several Northern states from joining the Southern war effort. Lincoln declared martial law and shelled NY City.
Many Northerners are learning the truth and coming over to the Southern side. I have many Northern friends.
It is probably more true that the North has never got over winning the war. In order to justify their atrocities they paint the South as an evil slave empire that got what we deserved. But it was the New England colonies/states that were responsible for the development of slavery in America. The shipping industry in New England and the port cities rose to prosperity on the profits from the slave trade. All the ongoing efforts to ban CSA flags and our history heritage, and culture and we resist and then get blamed for keeping the war still going.

James W. King
Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV)
Camp 141 Commander
Albany GA.


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