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Friday, August 30, 2019

Moving the Confederate Monument

To: Larry Sparks –
Interim Chancellor
University of Mississippi

Dear Mr. Sparks,

This letter is in reference to your moving the Confederate statue from the campus of Ole Miss. It is extremely sad and disheartening to see Southerners attacking their good and honorable heritage due to the many decades of false history that has been indoctrinated into them. The common phrases were hear are, “ The South fought to protect slavery; Confederates were traitors; The North fought to free the slaves”.  All of these statements have been easily debunked.  The South did not fight “to protect slavery”.  Had it wanted to do so, all it had to do was stay in the Union where it was already protected.  The South refused to return to the Union and ratify the Corwin Amendment which would have forever protected slavery. The Confederates where not “traitors” as we hear from historically ignorant people.  Not one Confederate was charged or put on trial for treason.  President Jefferson Davis waited two years in prison for a trial he wanted, but U.S. Supreme Court Justice Salmon P. Chase said that the U.S. could not try any Confederates because secession was not illegal.  He stated that what was won on the battlefield would be lost in the courtroom. The false belief that “The North fought to free the slaves” is beyond ludicrous. If the North really wanted to “free the slaves”, why did it not first free the more than 429,000 slaves that were in the Union AFTER the South seceded?  Why did President Lincoln countermand General Fremont’s order in Missouri ordering emancipated slaves to be returned to their masters?  Had Lincoln not illegally invaded the South, there would have been no war.  His war was all about money, power, and greed, not slavery. He is responsible for the mess we have today; a large, powerful, centralized government.

Mr. Sparks, I find it ironic that in your letter to the students, faculty, and staff concerning the moving of the Confederate monument that you made the following statement:

“I wish you all a successful academic year as we continue efforts to make our campus a positive, productive, and welcoming educational environment for every student who joins our community of scholars seeking truth, knowledge, and wisdom.”

Just what “truth” would that be, sir?  The “truth” of rewritten history that has been shoved down our throats for more than 150 years?  The truth is not taught in our schools and universities, because if it were, we would not have all this cultural genocide taking place everywhere across the South in the removal of monuments, or the changing of the names of schools, parks, and streets.

Another ironic piece that I would like to point out is this; in “The Creed of The University of Mississippi” it says “I believe in academic honesty”. Really?  How about teaching honest history then, instead of the Marxist rewritten version which if full of lies and slander.

Our Confederate ancestors were brave and honorable Christian men who fought against overwhelming odds to defend their homes and families from an illegal invasion of murderers, looters, arsonists, and rapists.  The Union army committed countless atrocities upon the civilians of the South, but the Confederates did not do this to civilians of the North.

The South was paying 85% of the federal revenues in the way of excessive tariffs and getting almost nothing in return.  These revenues went to “internal improvements” in the North; railroads, industry, and banking.  Lincoln could not bear to lose his “cash cow” so he invaded to force the legally seceded South back into the Union at the point of bayonets so he could continue this wealth redistribution. That was the main purpose of the war.  It had nothing to do with slavery.  Oh, Lincoln falsely made it about slavery with his Emancipation Proclamation (which freed not one single slave) when the war was going badly for the Union. This was an attempt to keep Europe out of it by proclaiming the Union was fighting for “moral reasons”, and to start a slave uprising in the South, which did not happen. Lincoln was a tyrant and a dictator who shut down over 300 Northern newspapers and illegally imprisoned thousands of people who voiced their disapproval of his illegal war.

The truth is easy enough to find, but don’t look in high school or university text books which have been written by Yankees.  It is way past time that we put the myths aside and get the truth in front of the public. All this war against the Confederate Battle flag and Confederate monuments has got to stop, and would not even be happening if everyone knew the truth of our history. It is particularly sad to see Southerners take up the banner of cultural genocide and destroying their own heritage. If you had a Confederate ancestor come back to you today, what do you think he would say?

Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK


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