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Monday, January 04, 2021

Don't Make a Wish

Dear Make a Wish,

Millions of us who are proud descendants of Confederate soldiers are more than fed up with our heritage and symbols being labelled as "hate" by the historically ignorant.  You seem to have placed yourself into the category of those who are clueless about our history.  NEWS FLASH!  You won't get the truth from schools, universities, the media, Hollywood, PBS, politicians, or the History Channel.  The common narrative that the War of Northern Aggression was "all about slavery" is a fairy tale that has been around since Reconstruction, as is the Lincoln Myth which deifies a tyrant and traitor. 

You have chosen to remove some, if not all, of the Confederate-themed items you had on your website. The "hate" that you claim to oppose is being displayed by the very ones who preach against it. All things are tolerated (BLM, NAACP, Antifa, etc.) except anything do do with Southern or Confederate history and heritage. The cultural Marxists are tearing down Confederate monuments and changing the names of schools, parks, and streets at a blinding pace, and all due to not having a clue about our history. So, let's have a short history lesson here to enlighten you.

1) Lincoln illegally invaded the South to force it back into a union it wanted no part of so he could continue the collection of excessive and unconstitutional tariffs which went only to benefit the North. The South was paying 85% of the federal revenues. This went for "internal improvements" like railroads, industry, and banking. This is called wealth redistribution. Without the South, the North would go bankrupt.

2) The war had nothing to do with slavery.  More than 429,000 slaves were still in the Union AFTER the South seceded.  

Further proof that the war was not about slavery are evidenced in the Corwin Amendment, the Crittenden-Johnson Resolution, as well as Lincoln's own words.

3) Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, contrary to popular belief, freed not one solitary slave. Read it.  It was a war measure, as Lincoln himself stated, intended to cause a slave uprising in the South (which did not happen), and to give the false impression to Europe that the Union was waging a "moral campaign" to "end slavery".  Slavery was abolished in December 1865 with the 13th Amendment, not the Emancipation Proclamation.

4) Lincoln countermanded General Freemont's orders in Missouri, returning emancipated slaves to their owners. (But, I thought Lincoln "freed the slaves").

5) Free blacks owned slaves.

6) Union officers owned slaves, but Confederate General Robert E. Lee did not, so what were they fighting for?

This cultural genocide against our Southern heritage is hate-filled and has communist roots.  People need to learn the truth about our history and stop slandering honorable dead soldiers who were defending their homes from Lincoln's terrorists who murdered, raped, looted, and burned their way across the South. I'll not participate in your program until you reverse your anti-Confederate policies.


Jeff Paulk


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