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Thursday, December 20, 2007



Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul has gotten some attention (not nearly what's deserved) for the astonishing fundraising on his behalf by those who have been roused by his message.

Normally, (we're confident Dr. Paul would agree), such fundraising is merely a reflection of such sums' corrupting ability to buy power and favor from the Leviathan the US government has become. We believe Paul's fundraising is different.

Perhaps Pastor Chuck Baldwin has said it best - "So, who are these "kooks" who are sending Ron Paul so much money? And just why are they sending him so much money? I will tell you who they are, because I am one of them. They are rank-and-file, tax-paying citizens who are sick and tired of out-of-control federal spending and deficits. They have had it with an arrogant federal government that runs roughshod over both the Constitution and the liberties of the American people. They are people who have had enough of the IRS, the BATF and a thousand other federal agencies that have "erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance." (As Thomas Jefferson put it in the Declaration of Independence).

And Professor Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, said that Ron Paul will remain an influential figure in the 2008 race even if he is not nominated. …."He has intense support among a segment of the population. They are doing something that people are ordinarily loath to do, which is part with their own money." Sabato has stated he believes that the Ron Paul Revolution is far larger ("millions") than anybody else in the mainstream media has admitted.

But just what is the Ron Paul Revolution? Baldwin's reference to Jefferson and the Declaration gives us our clue. We believe it is no less than a resurgent Jeffersonianism (as opposed to the Hamiltonian tack this country took 142 years ago), first made triumphant at the point of the bayonets of blue clad interventionists bound and determined to free the Constitution from the chains Jefferson always recommended.

Nearly all of Ron Paul's criticisms of our current situation are of those things put in place in the intervening years to seal that Hamiltonian victory. In those intervening years of course, anything associated with that Old Republic of Jefferson is now branded as backward, un-progressive etc. -"kooky" in short, and worst of all "racist."

And of course, given that such charge has been the operative smear to keep in check the Jeffersonian nature of the true American character, Ron Paul is about to run into that age old and effective buzz saw - so when it begins (and it's already started in some quarters) from some who ask about neo- Confederates and neo-Secessionists (that would be us) being among his supporters, don't be astonished. Such an attack on Paul is as predictable as Spring rains and the blooming of Honeysuckle in May.

Behind the façade of that shielding smear, the edifice of tyranny has been constructed brick by utopian brick. This has been accomplished through the efforts of people who believe that humans can be saved and made socially perfect through the legislative and executive authority sanctioned by the votes of merely five judges in the judicial branch of a consolidated national power and by the presence of armed men when many of those humans turn down that sort of salvation by such means.

The League of the South has been warning of all this for some time, hence our call for the South (the true and constant foundation of Jefferson's legacy however much we've been debased by all the intervening falsehoods) to prepare itself for a renewed attempt at separating ourselves from this madness. But some folks still believe the system can be fixed. In their eyes, hope for reform appears in the form of Ron Paul.

Perhaps the true American Jeffersonian character is resurfacing as it did in 1800 with Jefferson's election and in response to the same stimulus - the exercise of arrogant power in the name of freedom. Perhaps. But if Paul's Jeffersonian warnings go unheeded - the acceleration of the collapse of the Behemoth that has now lived for over a century will only be hastened. Hang on! It's going to be an interesting and portentous ride.


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