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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: THE UNION SAVED?

Saturday, July 19, 2008


By Joan Hough

Lincoln’s WAR was to save the union?

A union --- just like it was when, originally, created, I presume? Let’s remember a bit.

We do live in a nation begun with “secession.” On this North American continent were free men who had SECEDED from England and defended themselves and their land from an all powerful, central government’s red coated, bayonet-wielding military. Oh, and a vast number of these men were Southerners and, even by modern historians, were recognized as being absolutely dedicated to obtaining liberty and freedom from an all powerful, oppressive government imposing great taxes on Americans. Southerners, farmers, mostly, were more intent on freedom than many of those merchants in the North relying on business with the British.

These American patriots won their many battles with the British and in the Treaty of Paris, had each of their separate states recognized, even by England, as separate, SOVEREIGN nationS. (The word “state” during that time in the world’s history MEANT “nation,” and even today most of our Southern states are larger than many of the present European nations, are they not? How many Switzerlands would fit into Texas?)

These sovereign nation/states were determined to hold on to their individual independence and did so even as they drew up the Compact known as The Articles of Confederation, in which they declared themselves as dedicated to mutual cooperation in the area of protection, etc. Their credo was “Cooperation” –not enslavement to any union. True they did use the word “perpetual” but saw the flaw in that and in the later Constitution, eliminated it. The Union was not designed to be ‘PERPETUAL.” In the Articles of Confederation was a clear assertion of the precedence of the separate states over the confederation government, i.e. "Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated."

When the Compact failed to bring the necessary level of prosperity, the states gathered together and, while continuing to maintain their “States’ Rights” formed a Union. After extremely careful consideration of all varieties of governments existing in the world’s past and present, the founding fathers opted to establish, not a Democracy, not an oligarchy, but a Republic. The states voted for such. Even then, American men realized that all Democracies deteriorate into Socialism/Communism—in which the elitists rake in the bucks while the workers serve as slave labor thrown occasional goodies, so they voted approval of a Constitution which spelled out a government of LAW not apt to change quickly to one in which the majority ruled. They tied the leaders of that government down with the chains of the Constitution. They made the central government weak and left the states with all rights not deliberately given the central government.

There was no income tax. No national control of schools. No power to declare war given to any President. No military draft left up to a President. No dictator. No lessening of the religious rights of the states. The states were all powerful and not the central government. They maintained state sovereignty. They maintained their right to freedom for the people---the right to secede.

And then along came the MARXISTS to the continent. They came in droves by the thousands—and filled the ranks of the new Republican Party (probably started it) and elected themselves a good friend by name of Abe Lincoln. They bypassed the Constitution, took over Congress and informed the Southern states that from henceforth the South would pay enormous, humongous tariffs to support the desires of the corporations and the new England states, or else! The Union would revolve around an all powerful Central government—for only a large central government can be controlled by Communists. There would be progressive income taxes. Racial strife would be an incentive for Communism to prevail. Civil liberties would not exist.

The Marxist were superb Journalists, experts in propaganda, so they easily influenced and controlled most of the nation’s new immigrants who were ignorant of the Constitution’s laws, the history behind the Constitution, the existence of States’ Rights, and of the reasons for each item in the Declaration of Independence. It helped the Marxist’s cause that many, many of these newcomers did not speak English and were gullible recipients of Marxists’ lies.

So, the Marxists’ Republican army invaded the South, well-oiled by lies about the South’s supposedly illegal secession from the Union, Eventually, after carefully orchestrated Genocide and mass murders, the Republicans beat the South to its knees and with bloody bayonets forced Southerners back into the once voluntary union. The Republicans ‘SAVED” the VOLUNTARY Union. Oh, yeah!

When museum curators and historians choose to rewrite history and Americans remain quiet about it, God help us all if we do not love truth enough to fight for it. The brain-washed ones have had their lying say for entirely too many generations. The time is now for them to get their comeuppance by having their mugs slapped with truth.

The purpose of the War is to save the Union? “We must colonize and settle as we go south.” (William T. Sherman to his brother, Senator John Sherman, advocating that Confederates farms be seized and given to immigrants from the North.) “Enemies must be killed or transported to some other country.”

Who would be left to be saved? What would be left to be saved—and who would then own what was saved?

…William T. Sherman had confided to his brother, Sen. John Sherman, that the farms of “rebels” should be seized and given to immigrants from the North. “We must colonize and settle as we go south,” wrote the general, giving Missouri as an example of an occupied state having an as yet unsubdued people. “Enemies must be killed or transported to some other country.” (p. 35 War Crimes Against Southern Civilians by Walter Brian Cisco)

There were no gas ovens---or surely the Marxists in control of the Republican party and the Republican army would have filled them full of Southerners- not excluding Confederate babies and children and their mothers.

On June 21, 1864, General Sherman wrote, “There is a class of people (Southerners) men, women and children, who must be killed or banished before you can hope for peace and order. (p. 73. Leon Puissegur. Forward the Colors).

Many proclaim Sherman as a great General, but when the Germans were asked where they learned of fighting like they did, their response was simple. “We learned from your General Sherman.” (p. 73. Leon Puissegur. Forward the Colors)

And if you don’t believe this---then I have a lovely bridge I’ll sell you for mere pennies. Oh, and there is no housing catastrophe and no problem with illegal immigration.


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