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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Confederate Grave Desecration

Hey, Chuck,

We are the Urquhart-Gillette Camp #1471, SCV,
located in the Franklin/Courtland area of Virginia.
Tommy Simmons is our current Camp Commander.

Early this morning, it was noticed that there was a mound of dirt
in the gravesite enclosure where one of our Camp namesakes is
buried,Confederate Major Joseph E. Gillette. Upon further
investigation, a hole was found approximately four feet square
and four feet deep,between the head and foot stone markers for
the grave of Major Gillette.

Someone moved a lot of dirt, but didn't get to the casket. A
photo is attached exactly as the gravesite was found. Both our
local newspaper The Tidewater News in Franklin, VA and our regional
newspaper Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, VA have been notified of the
desecration, immediately after the act was reported to the local
police, whose detectives took special interest.

Thought you might want this info for SHN&V.

Doug Stewart

Will reconstruction never end!



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