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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Arrogance of Flag grabbing William Howell

It seems Speaker of the House William Howell is good at making friends these days. While most of us could care less about who becomes the leader of any political party, this intra-party fight seems to show the same sort of arrogant attitude that William Howell has towards the heritage community in Virginia. Whether your conservative or liberal, it doesn't seem wise to treat half of your party base like they are vermon, unless you like to lose and if you like to lose that makes you a loser.

Amy N. Frederick

An Open Letter To William Howell, Speaker Of The Virginia House Of Delegates

Dear Mr. Speaker: I received your letter this morning. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. It takes some nerve for you to write me to outline all the reasons my husband should not be Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV). Worse, your letter to me was apparently timed to arrive the same day RPV (the organization our opponent currently oversees) leaked misleading documents intended to attack Jeff's integrity.

Can you imagine your reaction if Jeff sent a letter to your wife Cessie telling her -- in light of the House Republican Caucus losing 11 seats to the Democrats since you've become Speaker -- that you should not be Speaker any more? That the House GOP has gone from a very healthy governing majority to now a slim 3 seat majority under your leadership and therefore you're not best qualified to be Speaker? Then, on the same day after such a letter, you were attacked for standing on the podium at the 1993 Virginia Republican Convention to ask Republicans to defeat a pro-life nominee for Lt. Governor with a pro-choice alternative?

I believe you'd demand an apology from Jeff immediately -- and while I can't demand anything, I do believe you owe me an apology. I realize Jeff is a young go-getter, and that rubs the old guard the wrong way. Yet, just because you've known Jeff's opponent for over 20 years, as you stated in your letter, doesn't excuse this sort of conduct.

I do find one of your statements rather curious: "As the Speaker of the House of Delegates, I've stood firm for our conservative values and John Hager has stood with me. I've known John Hager for two decades, and I've always been able to count on him." Was it the time you were advocating the Party go with a pro-choice statewide candidate over a pro-life leader, or more recently when John Hager was working to advance the agenda of Democratic Governor Mark Warner, that you were counting on him? True, Jeff was too young to vote two decades ago when you started working with John, but is the old guard really getting things done? Republicans came to power on the backs of conservative, grassroots activists, and Jeff is a young leader who has shown he can motivate young voters to join those who have spent years doing the volunteer work necessary to elect conservatives.

Jeff is not going to march more in line with the establishment to earn their support; no thanks. It is amazing to me that the old guard has betrayed grassroots conservatives on so many issues, yet still feels it can dictate to the grassroots who they need to select as their Party leaders. As you recall, John Hager lost his 1992 bid for RPV Chairman running as a moderate. Then the Party was able to get back to its conservative principles on life, taxes and the 2nd Amendment and the result was us winning control of both houses of the General Assembly and sweeping all statewide offices.

On May 31, I believe the Republicans who attend the convention will vote to get back to winning elections and governing as conservatives -- and will defy you and the rest of the old guard to elect Jeff Frederick as RPV Chairman.

Amy Frederick

P.S. Please take "Mrs. Amy Frederick" out of your contacts, and please don't send me anything further in the future about my husband.


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