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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: How We Predicted Secession in Kosovo, Ossetia, and Abkhazia

Thursday, August 21, 2008

How We Predicted Secession in Kosovo, Ossetia, and Abkhazia

by David S. Reif

The foreign policy think tank Stratfor Forecasting Inc published a recent bulletin entitled “The Real World Order”. In it they made a very interesting comment that is of interest to Southern partisans. Their opinion is sought after by many corporations and other entities that have an interest in global trade. Stratfor is often thought of by the major foreign press as an unofficial surrogate of the U. S. State Department and frequently echoes their policy line. Others consider them a private sector C.I.A. of sorts. They are a very cerebral high-end group of intelligence analysts that are influential to decision makers everywhere.

The Austin based Stratfor group has issued a series of papers on the recent conflict involving the secessionist states of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. These were mostly routine accounts about the progress of the military action where they have endeavored to explain the reasons for the acts of the major players involved. However, in one of their latest issues they tried to put the conflict in a context of the globalist order saying: “One of the interesting concepts of the New World Order was that all serious countries would want to participate in it and that the only threat would come from rogue states and non-state actors such as North Korea and al Qaeda. Serious analysts argued that conflict between nation-states would not be important in the 21st century. There will certainly be rogue states and non-state actors, but the 21st century will be no different than any other century. On Aug. 8, the Russians invited us all to the Real World Order.” This is written by none other than George Friedman the founder of the company.

There are a number of ideas in that paragraph that are important but the one most interesting to those of us who love liberty involves a tendency in this closely worded piece to review the projection for the future. In the post-WWII world the “thinkers” decided that centralism was the wave of the future: calling it globalism.

The dominant media, the State Department, and the university elitists are all still saying that globalism and global centralism was inevitable. Now Stratfor comes along and tells the world that, “There will certainly be rogue states and non-state actors, but the 21st century will be no different than any other century. On Aug. 8, the Russians invited us all to the Real World Order.” Meaning that nation-states are not dead and the tendency for the break up of nations and secessionist activities that began in the last decades of the twentieth century is alive and well in the twenty-first century.

Beginning in the mid-1990’s I wrote a number of essays about the rise of centralism in the U.S. A 2003 essay about state’s rights and centralism centering on Missouri Gov. Warren Hearnes is still on the Internet at: Other independent scholars like Michael Hill were at the time discussing centralism and its weakness while the former Soviet Union was breaking up into smaller sovereign nations. He and others at the League of the South were also discussing the advent of various sub-national groups that were aspiring to autonomy or at least cultural recognition.

At the same time nearly every leftist, the dominant media, establishment writers, and politicians were advocating nothing but increasing centralization of government. The same people were also busy trying to abolish the Confederate Battleflag and destroying every symbol of the South and its legacy.

They were talking about globalism and dissolving national borders while we were advocating just the opposite. Many of us wanted the return of Judeo-Christian values and the federalism implied in the First American Republic (1789-1868) believing the Tenth Amendment extended the right to reorganize the United States into a more manageable configuration. The establishment scoffed, laughed, and called us “racists” for our efforts while they trashed the Battleflag as much as they could.

Meanwhile, honest scholars like Thomas DiLorrenzo, Charles Adams, Edward Renehan, Donald Gilmore, and others braved the vicious criticisms of the neo-Marxist establishment who loved centralize planning and began documenting the rise of an untenable centralization that has plagued this country. These writers documented the real causes for the War Between the States and in turn the fateful passage of the Fourteenth Amendment (09July1868).

Messer Kennedy and Benson went a step farther and nailed down the influence of Marxist centralism and how it became significant during and after the War Between the States, how our ancestors shed their blood to oppose it, and how it is influencing the present. You can read a synopsis and review of their book, Red Republicans, at the Fireeater archives:

The point here is over the last several decades all the elite thinkers of the world were being paid big money (often from taxpayers) to outline more and more tyrannical ways of taking us and the rest of the world into global centralization. At the same time southern scholars were busy pointing in the direction of localism, small state decentralization, self sufficiency and true federalism. Now George Friedman founder of one of the most prestigious think tanks is saying that all that centralist boilerplate may not have been right.

Nearly a year ago on southern oriented websites the subject of secession in the Balkans was being played out. Not only at the Second Secession Conference but on the pages of the SHNV Hot Spot and Fireeater there was talk about Kosovo, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia. Some of these essays predicted the outcome that has come to pass over the last few months even as the dominant media was nearly silent while their leftist toadies and hate groups were busy calling us “racists” and worse.

On the SHNV Hot Spot,, 04Oct2008, we published an essay that described how Kosovo would secede and that the two secessionist states of South Ossetia and Abkhazia would be next. A month later on the Fireeater there appeared another piece that elaborated on the role of big power nations in secession. It also discussed how the secession of Kosovo would be (mis)handled by the Ivy League elites. The Yankee aristocrats and the left-wing media missed the mark completely.

Recently on Fireeater, the dissatisfaction with globalism and the consequences of centralized authority is explored. This globalist agenda is linked to those people who spend their time bashing the Battleflag because they are one in the same. These people are being lead by others who have a vested interest in global collective centralism and anyone who has ever opposed the centralist tendency is a target for their paid hate groups to terrorize. The dominant media is completely silent on the subject.

The South is an icon of freedom loving people everywhere. Remember the brave young man in a Minnesota high school that was victimized by a petty leftist bureaucracy because the young man admired the freedom implied in southern heritage displaying the Battleflag and suffering the consequences because of it. He lives many miles from Dixie but knows that there is something in our culture that is powerful.

Across the planet others resist the tyranny of centralized collectivism. The Bavarians whose true flag displaying the coat of arms from the Jacobite Kings is officially banned in favor of a bland international checker board. The Carlist of Spain struggle to save their heritage against the secular collectivism while the conservative Jews are fighting to take back their country from both pan-Arab Baathists and Marxist “Jews” in their midst. The Celts, the Ulster-Scots, and the American Indians refuse to be subjugated. The struggle for political and cultural identity in the South is like countless others; and the common enemy is global centralism which seeks to homogenize us.

Stratfor, one of the most prestigious think tanks has validated our position; however obliquely. But that’s the way it is done by the establishment. They will rarely give us credit for anything but it is there if we read the tealeaves carefully.

About the Author

David S. Reif and his wife are full-time artist/craftsmen living in the Missouri Ozarks. Currently working in silver and other precious materials, they have been professional artists since 1981. David is the Press Officer for the John T. Coffee Camp #1934, Sons of Confederate Veterans, and has been a guest speaker at many SCV events including the dedication address for the Missouri Brigade Monument, Missouri Secession Day Dinner, and the MOSB luncheon speech at the 1998 SCV Reunion in St. Louis, as well as other occasions. He has written about Missouri history and politics, modernism, and the impact of science on culture for publications in the United States, Europe, and on the Internet. He has served on numerous local and county government commissions and on the board of community-based artist and writers programs, chemical-dependency centers, and art-marketing groups. He was the director of the independent scholar society, The Institute for Perennial Studies, edited the journal, Perennis, and was the state Chairman for the Missouri Southern League, as well as an officer for the Mid-Missouri Peace Alliance, which opposed ballistic missile silos stationed in Southern states.



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