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Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Flag

By Bud Cranford

Once again, a despicable crime has been committed by a troubled young man who appears to have a reverence to some symbols of the Confederate States of America; notably the flag known as the Confederate Battle Flag.

Space does not permit me to print an informative and educational article concerning the symbols of the Confederacy, but I would be surprised if Dylann Roof could recognize any of the other Confederate symbols, including the three National Confederate Flags.

For decades the flag I refer to as the Battle Flag has been degraded and vilified.  It is usually mentioned in the media as representing hate and racism, though, in fairness to the media this is often prefaced by the statement “Thought by some to be . . “

When the media brands something as representing racism and hatred, is it any wonder that a violent, angry young man would venerate this symbol?  The news media has constantly told him that this is what this flag means, so he chooses a symbol that he feels represents his beliefs.

I know literally, thousands of Georgians who do indeed venerate this flag, but not a single one of them has ever thought it was a good idea to open fire in a predominantly Black church killing as many as possible.  I’m referring, of course to the many Sons of Confederate Veterans I know personally, who honor their Confederate ancestors and are proud of their determination to separate from a Country they considered to be becoming tyrannical.  To the best of my knowledge no SCV member has ever committed such a heinous act, but a troubled youth who has been misled by what he has read, brings upon us more vitriol and hatred for our cause.  With all the sensationalism assigned to this flag, is it any wonder Dylann Foot chose a symbol the media had told him stood for what he mistakenly believed?

I lay the blame for his act upon the individual who committed the act and the media sources who stoked his anger by creating a mistaken belief that this flag represents Racism.   Without all its negative publicity this flag would once again be quietly honored by The SCV and not be hijacked by racists and bigots.


Blogger James Carter said...

Very well said.

1:43 PM  
Blogger James Carter said...

Very well said.

1:43 PM  

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