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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR SOUTHERN HEARTS

Monday, December 24, 2007


Southern Ladies and Gentlemen,

As commander of the Lee-Moses-Dixon Vindicator Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans of Mobile, Alabama, in co-operation with the Maury Camp of Grand Bay, Alabama, I am honored to be allowed to announce the presentation of our Christmas Gift which we hope will bring cheer to Southern Hearts, both living and passed over the river.

On I-10, just west of Mobile, Alabama, an eighty foot flagpole built to withstand hurricanes sits. Below it stand two light poles carrying 2,000 watt halogen lights. If the pole did fall, it would land on a family cemetary containing the graves of two Confederate soldiers. This site has a traffic count estimated at over 2 million, 160 thousand people a month. It will be visible for over a mile in both directions.

Currently atop this pole sits a 3 inch by 5 inch flag similar to one carried by the greatest army that ever walked the North American continent. It was the army of a Christian Nation. Next week we will replace it with a 12 foot by 18 foot Confederate Flag. It is dedicated to every Southerner who ever fought for his country, especially those fighting now and those who bled in 1861-1865. If you'd like to make a donation, it will go towards our ultimate goal of flying a 20 by 30 flag similar to the SCV's Montgomery flag.

This project is a monument to truth. A truth that as President Jefferson Davis said; "if crushed to the earth will rise again." We salute you President Davis, in the 200th anniversary of your birth! It is a monument to the courage and honor of the Southern soldier. The pole is a reminder that in a free country, the speech, heritage and culture of all deserves equal protection. It will stand as testimony to the fact that millions of Southern Americans remain proud of their ancestors, who as R.E. Lee said, fought invaders to keep the constitution and the country that was inherited by them from their fathers.

This project is a reminder to cultural bigots who deserve no individual recognition here, that their efforts to dimish, disparage, and otherwise erase our heritage will only fuel a fire in Southern Hearts. This fire will result in more of these projects, some of which are already in the works.

And finally, this project is given to the Southern people as a challenge. We challenge every camp in the SCV to erect a similar pole, and will be happy to give details of how this can be done for surprisingly small expenditures.

We will officially dedicate the flag on General Robert E. Lee's 201th birthday, Saturday, January 19, 2008.

Ya'll come!

Merry Heart of Dixie Christmas!

Dr. Ben George commander
Lee-Moses-Dixon Vindicator Camp #408
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Mobile, Alabama


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