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Monday, March 09, 2009

Haralson County Proclamation

As a member of both the Ga Div and SCV National Confederate Heritage and History Month Committee, I am pleased to announce the following:

On March 3rd, 4 members of the Haralson County Invincibles went to the Haralson Board of Commissioners monthly meeting and received thier 2009 Confederate Heritage and History Month Proclamation. The Commission Chairman Allen Poole stood up alongside us and read the document for a standing room only crowd. After being unanimously adopted and read, Chairman Poole gave the copy to President Lincoln (Richard Boarts) and shook our hands (myself, Harry Lyle, and James Woods)

Not too sure where else in the universe a Black leader would give a Pro Confederate document to Abe Lincoln, but it happened in our little section of the South!

This proclamation tops off the list of West Ga / East Al govts to issue CH&HM Proclamations, which are

Haralson County
Carroll County
Mt Zion
Villa Rica
Heard County
Cleburne County Alabama

NOTE: All jurisdictions except Haralson County have designated April perpetually as Confederate History Month.

I will be following up on the significance of April by a 30 minute Radio Interview on WLBB 1330 AM in Carrollton on April 1st, 2009 at 8:30 am.

Thanks & God Bless

Billy Bearden 673


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