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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Confederate History and Current Events

By Mark Vogl

The phones are ringing off the hook at the homes of Southern heritage leaders; “What can be done, and what can we do?” people are asking.

Over the past decade or, each time there has been a Culture War battle over a symbol or issue related to Southern heritage which draws national attention, sleeping Americans wake up and want to know what can be done?  For a few days, weeks or months the heritage organizations see an influx of members and increased interest in their communities.  And usually, with time, things calm down and other “crisis” take the minds of the American people, and Southern heritage recedes into the shadows.

This most recent attack on the South,  (a combination of the Supreme Court case ruling against the Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans and their application for a vanity license plate,  and the battle over the Confederate Battle Flag in Columbia, South Carolina) has now led to attacks against the United States itself, in terms of attacking the American Flag, to calling for the removal of monuments to American icons like Jefferson and Washington, and even fringe discussions about the need to change the name of America’s capital, Washington, D.C. because of President Washington’s slave ownership.

All of this comes as Neo Conservatives and Obama-ites attack American national form and sovereignty from different directions, for different reasons. 

The concept of a Christian, capitalist, Constitutional republic reflecting the will of the majority within the confines of constitutional parameters is under direct assault.  And it’s not just in the streets, it starts in the college classrooms where Professor Obama taught!

The attack on the South is merely the tip of the ice berg of the huge effort to undermine, attack and replace what we conventionally and parochially think of as the United States of America.

Transformation, with a capital “T” is what candidate Obama promised, and it is what he is attempting to do.  The Culture War is just one front, in a war that threatens the very existence of America.  The war rages in economics, separation of powers, societal norms and design, and not just the role of God, but whether the Christian framework of America will be forever removed and replaced by Islam and/or secular humanism.

Never before has it been so clear, so obvious, how the absence of heritage organizations from American politics has left a huge vacuum, or hole in the defense of the concept of America.  The voice of history was kept silent as decisions which alter the fundamental character of our nation are considered.

This fight is not just about the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, or the Untied Daughters of the Confederacy.  This fight includes the Sons of the American Revolution and the Daughters, the Grand Army of the Republic and all patriotic organizations.  While minority and liberal not-for-profits have learned the ropes of political activism and hold great influence in the national and state capitals, the patriotic organizations have been gagged by the I.R.S. and their internal leadership.  But, it is a greater abdication of responsibility than just the leadership, the very membership has avoided any realization of their critical role in sustaining democracy and Christianity.

Another sleeping giant is the Christian Church of America. 

It is difficult to say who is more guilty of dereliction of duty to their own purpose, those heritage organizations dedicated as guardians of American history, or those organizations dedicated to the memory of the South, whose very Charge calls for “vindication of the Cause.”

What is clear is that the enemies of America know the importance of history and are savagely attacking the history which tells the American story.  It is clear they know that the foundations of today’s nation rest in Christianity, the Founding Fathers, and issues which led to Civil War (not the issue of slavery, but the issues of States’ Rights, consent of the governed, state sovereignty and the right of secession, and the rule of law and agreed social contracts.)

The answer to the phone calls is not a simple, easy one.  And it is not one that can have results tomorrow.  Citizens must realize that the Left, comprised of atheists, agnostics, libertarians, socialists and Marxists have spent scores of years working in a coordinated fashion to wreak the havoc they now cause.  It will take that kind of dedication and persistence to right the ship.

For national leaders like Rush Limbaugh, it will require a new understanding of 21st Century Conservatism.  It will require the injection of Christianity and nationalism into the corporate board room.  It will require a more solid link between conservative politics and individual economics, where like the government employing liberals, the corporations and small business must employ conservatives.  It requires a recognition that while the economic pie can expand, it does have limits at any given time, and to retain political power requires benefiting those who share political views first.

The answer to the phone calls to the heritage leaders is to tell the caller we need to be robust citizens, vigilant and active at all levels of government, local, state and federal.  It is time for a fusion of groups like the Tea Party with groups like the Daughters of the American Revolution.  It is time for those who work to preserve the history of States’ Rights and separation of powers to be equally as active in pursuing those political objects in the present tense.

There has been an outpouring of Southern symbols in road rallies across the South, but these rallies, while beautiful and spontaneous must be seen as the first step in restoring American Culture, much as King’s march in Selma was only the first step in the 20th Century Civil Rights battle.

For starters, get a copy of the Confederate Constitution and read it.  And when you read it take careful note of the differences.  When you do, you will see that the Founders of the Confederacy saw the issues on their horizon which are with us today.

Let me close with this observation; is it coincidence that the Supreme Courts ruling on homosexuality, and their ruling against the Sons of Confederate Veterans occurred in the same session. weeks apart?


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