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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some Questions For You!

Where were you when they took down the Confederate Battle Flag from the capitol dome in South Carolina, changed the Georgia '56 flag, and changed the name of your street named after a Revolutionary War hero or Confederate general just because some complained or was "offended'? Were you at home surfing the internet?

Where were you when they changed the rebel mascot at your school, the name of your school, suspended your child for wearing a Confederate T-shirt, and took prayer out of your school? Were you out hunting or fishing?

Where were you when they banned the singing and playing of Dixie, took Christ out of Christmas, and took down the Ten Commandments? Were you home playing computer games?

Where were you when an estimated 30 million illegal aliens including terrorists, gangs, sex offenders, and other criminals came into OUR country and took over many of our cities, towns, and neighborhoods with another 100 million expected by 2050? Were you out cheering on your favorite sports team?

Do you believe what the "liberal news media" tells you? Have you seen 'Gods and Generals' or 'America: Freedom to Fascism'? Do you watch Glen Beck, Lou Dobbs, and Bill O'Riley or Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, and American Idol?

What do you know about the NAFTA Super Highway, the North American Union, the Patriot Act, and Eminent Domain? Do you know what they are doing to our country? Are you too busy to care?

Have you ever read 'The South Was Right', 'Why Not Freedom', 'Proclaiming Liberty', or 'The Death of the West'? Or do you sit at home and read some romantic or fantasy novel?

What are you going to do when your job is out sized to a foreign country, or 20 illegal aliens move into the house next door, or you go into the store and no one there speaks English, or drug gangs break into your house, rape your wife, molest your children, and steal every thing that you've worked hard for. It happens every day and will only get worse.

What are you going to do when the government shuts down your bank, there is no more gas for your vehicle, all the food is contaminated, this country goes bankrupt, and terrorists set off dirty bombs in all the major cities of this country? Do you really think that this all can't happen? Think again! What are you going to do?

A friend of mine recently told me that he thought he would live to see the break up of this country. Terrorists want to blow it up. Illegal aliens are over running it. Ignoring all of the problems are not going to make them go away. If you think our government and "current crop" of politicians are going to solve the problems, you're living in a fantasy world! What are you going to do?

Our Founding Fathers formed and through their blood, sweat, and tears made this country. They fought and died in all the wars to make it FREE. They would "turn over in their graves" if they could see what this country has become and where it's headed. We The People are this country. Not the politicians, special interest groups, or the corporate elites.

There are an estimated 70 million decedents of Confederate veterans in this country. Some are aware of their ancestors, but many are not. Many seem to be ashamed of their Southern/ Confederate Heritage and History and have "surrendered" their beliefs to the liberal/ socialists power of political correctness, diversity, and multiculturalism.

Its time for us in the Southern Heritage movement and all other Patriotic Americans, rich and poor, black and white, to stand up, just as our ancestors have done in the past. We need to organize, educate, recruit, and unite to save our Southland and this country. The upcoming 2008 elections may be our last opportunity to take back our country. Voting for the "lesser of two evils" is no longer an option. All the do nothing and corrupt politicians must be voted out of office. Terrorists and criminals must be arrested and incarcerated. Illegal aliens must be rounded up and deported. What are you going to do?

America is at a crossroads. The time is NOW, not next week or next year. If we don't fight there will be no country left as we know it and there may be no country period! You can do something and save it, or you can do nothing and lose it. It's your choice! You have the power, use it! What are you going to do?

The Southronman!


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